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Two-Degrees has been an invitation-only “curated” gathering organized by Bob Ayres and a core group of people involved in the original Next 20 Years project and TEDxMarin.
Our private gatherings are by invitation only. If you seek a way to be introduced to other kind and interesting folks from the comfort of your own home, we’d love to hear from you.

By filling out the form, you are requesting an invite. Not everyone who applies can be included.

The goal is to curate like-minded, kind, open-minded people. It is an easy way to meet new people and increase connections in our community. We lean on interested folks to help pick their beloved friends. This approach (beloved friends of beloved friends) creates a hand-picked, curated group of people to meet (and share).

Folks who are inherently curious, open-minded, kind, intuitive, and not overly opinionated are our sweet spot. We are not political yet, this would likely not be a good fit if you are part of the MAGA movement. Just saying.

PLEASE APPLY USING THE FORM BELOW. Our list is completely private. Again- We aim to create a new community of beloved friends of beloved friends. Pre-pandemic we did it all the time.

Based on surveys, We will start with Zoom calls for about 12-15 people.

A short and private survey for folks interested in an invitation to our curated invitation-only smaller gatherings

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