About Two Degrees

The Next 20 Years project hatched the ongoing TwoDegrees gatherings, and is now the core behind TEDxMarin.

The TwoDegrees gathering is a curated “by invitation only” event and very often free to attend. It has been loosely going on for close to 20 years and was originally known as Last Saturdays, a Salon which took place in SF on the Last Saturday of every Month. Invitations to TwoDegrees are extended to select folks and their hand picked guests. Occasionally we will produce a Two Degree style event as a fundraiser in support of charitable causes or Non-Profits.

If you’d like to request to be on the invitation list for our future events please apply here.

In essence: We connect interesting beloved friends of interesting beloved friends within intersecting industries and social causes.

Our membership includes: executives, angel investors, artists, venture capitalists, comedy writers, authors, film makers, journalists, publishers, doctors, engineers, therapists, philanthropists, designers, slackers, husbands, scientists, architects, wives, people who do yoga, people who don’t, mountain bikers, people who need therapy, business consultants, healers, real estate brokers, elected officials, teachers, executive directors and many like minded organizations.

TwoDegrees gatherings are based on a simple premise, well two actually: First, it seems to us growingly important to unplug for an evening, to meet colleagues and new people face to face, no texts, no emails. And second, that someone’s beloved friend is likely a very good person to know not to mention share: for new oppty’s, friendship, business, investment, and for the pure human pleasure of meeting great new people.

We hope you’ll join us for a future gathering





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